christmas giveaway #6

Yeah, we are on our 6th day and it is Xmas Eve! It has been raining non-stop since last night, think it’s going to be a wet, wet Xmas Eve. What better way to keep those chubby legs warm from the wet weather than a pair of super cute BabyLegs. For our final giveaway - a pair of Elf BabyLegs!

To receive this gift, be sure to:
- leave a comment on this post, with your name
- tell us what you think of BabyLegs
- entry will be open till today 11pm (SG time)
(only comments posted before this time will be considered for the giveaway)
- 1 winner will be randomly selected, results will be announced on Lollipop Days tomorrow

* Christmas Giveaway is only open to our readers with a Singapore mailing address.


  1. Princesses Iman and Zara23 December 2008 at 22:48

    If only we could lay our hands on this pair of babylegs to keep us warm from the cold weather while looking hip, cool and stylish from the outside... Oh! what a great, royale Christmas it will be :)

  2. oh fantastic! My very first pair of Baby Legs in the season's most fashionable colours. They keep my legs nice & warm but yet leave easy access for mummy to change my wet diaper. What a lovely present for my first Christmas!

    THANK YOU, Itsy Bitsy Me!


  3. Yes! Indeed its a wet wet christmas eve and this pair of babylegs will surely keep our lil' bub's chubby legs warm and cosy =) snuggling around the house.

    Blessed Christmas to all!

  4. It's been a cold & wet x'mas and I've caught a cold... What better way to keep my legs warm in this fashionable x'mas-ie babylegs!

    Thank you & Happy Holidays!


  5. symum's cutie pie24 December 2008 at 06:58

    How nice if I could keep my legs warm in this pair of christmas colors babylegs, I definitely would become the most gorgeous princess of my block! Hmmn maybe I could even go to ski in them in my upcoming trip to show off! =)

    symum's cutie pie